Tuesday 1 February 2011

Tuesday evening

. . . and here I am all on my oney-oh! My poor friend's ankle is very painful and swollen and she isn't coming. Fair enough, I wouldn't want to drive if it was me. So now I have rather a lot of eggs, fruit and cottage cheese to deal with. I've just made a curry (or several) with the chicken we were going to have tonight so that's even more in the freezer. I think I will label it 'S*****'s Surprise!!'

Mind you, maybe it's just as well she's not here (not that she's hurt herself though). This cold is not much fun and I would hate to share it with her. Generosity does have its limits after all and some things are better kept to oneself. I could face neither dance nor swimming so I came home, turned the heating up high, got a cover and snuggled under it for a while. And I'm heading back there shortly; even with the heating up I'm feeling cold and shivery.

Another early night calleth, I suspect.

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