Thursday 24 February 2011

Thursday morning

And here we are, more than half way through half term now. Today is a full day with a nice lunch planned for the middle and, hopefully, time to got to Hobbycraft for those buttons.
I'm finding that I'm gradually sleeping better as the week goes on. I don't mean longer, I mean without waking up quite so often. Waking every hour or so is not refreshing so I'm not missing that one little bit!

I've taken a few photos of the little Christmas stocking which, I think, looks cute. The colours are wrong - I just used what I had while away - but you get the idea. The pattern creator (it was on a blog and I will try to find it again so I can give due credit) said she used 4 ply and cotton yarn. I can understand about using cotton yarn and maybe I will get a couple of 4 ply balls and give it a go. If I do, that will mean getting another set of double ended needles, as at one point, you have to knit from the other side.
I do like them, though, and think that they would make a nice Advent Calender if I could make twenty four of them. The challenge would be to have different patterns or colour combinations so that no two were the same. It should be easy enough to create some different Fair Isle-y type designs so I'll have a little think. I'd want to stick with red and green, they being my Christmas colours, with maybe goldy yellow, if it can be got. Or perhaps white would look OK. Ponder, ponder.

Any advice for me anyone
Photos: The top two are just the wee stocking and the one just below is me playing about on Paint Shop Pro.

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