Friday 18 February 2011

Friday morning

. . . and here we are at the end of Multi-Cultural week, the end of the half term and the end of the first half of the school year. Time flies.

It's been a great week, mostly, once the strange feelings has settled and things started falling into place. I've recovered from the early sleepless nights worrying about 'how it will go' and 'have I planned enough'. It's Caribbean muffins today. Oh, OK, Nigella's Christmas muffins with tropical fruit instead of cranberries. I'm sure she wouldn't mind!!! Then a 'carnival' and finally a special assembly in the afternoon to see what everyone's been doing. Excellent!!

I won't actually be doing it, of course. It's my SEN day and there's a whole bundle of stuff to do, as always. Reports that HAVE to be sent off today, forms to complete, all sorts of stuff, in fact. I hope they save a bit of muffin for me. :0)

Tonight is the first of our Infant Socials this term. We're going bowling! I think that, when we set this date, none of us realised quite how weary we would be after this special week, but I'm sure it will be tremendous fun and a load of fun! And I can sleep away tomorrow, if I want.

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