Wednesday 16 February 2011

Wednesday evening.

Multi cultural week is going great. The littlies have now taken to Conga-ing, Caribbean style, everywhere, whether it be to another classroom or out to play. In afternoon play today virtually the whole of the Infant department was in one ginormous congal line, bouncing around the playground, having an amazing time. It was a sight to behold and I wish I'd had my camera available! I wonder what the neighbours thought!

After school it was the second of the Makaton sessions so K and I duly whizzed straight off to get there on time. I wondered how I was ever going to stay awake but it was so interactive and enjoyable that I had no trouble at all.

Mind you - I'm now struggling. I really can't go to bed at just after seven. I would be awake by two, ready for a new day. Perish the thought! So I'm going to have to keep fighting the drowsiness for an hour or so. It's a battle I need to win.

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