Friday 25 February 2011

Friday afternoon

. . . and it's been an industrious and productive day all round.

First of all, please don't faint, gentle reader, I started sorting out the tip . . . er, I mean my bedroom. The dust was shocking. It's looking decidedly better now and there's more to do yet.

Then I pootled into school to meet up with L and get our art board display done. The photos are of the results. Caribbean turtles, inspired by artwork in one of the Anansi books we read last week. That seemed to take for ever but I think it was well worth it.

Then I popped back home, sewed two buttons on a wee tank top thingy, wrapped it up and took it over to my friend's house to hand over. My conscience is now clear!

And now I'm home, wondering if I want to get muddy in the garden now or whether it will be better to wait until tomorrow. It's bedroom or garden, garden or bedroom? Or neither, I suppose. :0)

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