Saturday 19 February 2011

Saturday morning

The first day of nine days of freedom - comparative freedom, anyway. No remembering to set the alarm, Just In Case (although I can't remember the last time I actually needed to be woken by it), no getting up to scrabble around finding/preparing resources, etc, (yes, I ought to be ready the night before, but I am a morning person and when I do prepare things the night before I end up doing them again the next morning because morning stuff is so much better). No planning and evaluation, no ironing stuff at the last minute, no meals that must be prepared quickly because I'm very tired and lacking in energy to do any more.
Just plenty of time to do things I want to do, when I want to do them (or not, as the case may be). And I'm not even going to think about school until next Friday! So there!!

Today, I have decided, is a nothing day. R&R is the rule today. Of course, if I want to do stuff, I can, but I don't HAVE to and I won't feel guilty if I don't. I might do a bit of baking. After yesterday, I really fancy making some muffins myself; they can go in the freezer after all. I want to knit stuff. I want to crochet. I will sleep as and when the tiredness hits. And I might even indulge in a celebratory drink or two this evening.

The bowling was huge fun last night. Lots of laughs and I think everyone had a good time, although there was a lot of very evident tiredness. We all agreed we must do it again so it looks as if that's two socials each term now. I think they're a huge lot better and more effective than 'team bonding' stuff and much, much more enjoyable too.

Ah, I've just thought of something I do have to do today. I need to go to Hobbycraft (oh, the hardship) to get some wool and maybe a pattern so I can start knitting a little something for a friend's baby. It hardly counts as 'nothing' but I guess it is definitely on the enjoyable side of life.

It's a good life!

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