Tuesday 15 February 2011

Tuesday morning

. . . and for once I am really quite miffed that it's PPA and coordinator time as there's a great morning's work all based on Caribbean fruit, starting with the story of Anansi and the talking melon! Ah, well, one has to take the rough with the smooth in this life!! The children will enjoy it anyway.

It's a whole lot colder this morning. When I popped out to put something in the freezer, I was astonished that there did not seem to be a frost: it felt cold enough for one, that's for sure. Maybe there was earlier. If it doesn't warm up I think it will be coats on today for playtimes.

I've just realised that yesterday was the last Monday for a term that I do not have to do playground duty. With our size of staff we have four half terms on one day a week and two off. My next 'off' is the last half term of the year.

Mustn't wish my life away though - I'm going to be late if I don't get a move on, so better go and have a quick bath! Deal with the present and the future can take care of itself just for now.

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