Wednesday 9 February 2011

Wednesday morning

Feeling a whole lot brighter this morning after a very good night's sleep with, as far as I can tell, just one short wakey spell that couldn't have lasted more than about five minutes in total. Maybe that virus, whatever it was, is losening its grip at last. Here's hoping.

Today is always an interesting day. Wednesdays is Reading Revelry, phonics, ICT suite time, library (every second week and this week is one of them,), show and tell . . . all nicely planned and not requiring much in the way of complicated resources. There's literacy as well, of course, and no half an hour's PPA because S is off with the year threes to Duxford for the day. This means I have to take show and tell (oh, dear!).

Staff meeting should be interesting. We are meeting with another local school to look at maths planning and delivery with, I gather, a special focus on differentiation within the maths lesson. It's always good to get head to head with colleagues working in a different environment and I am sure we will all learn much practical and useful stuff on the way.

So that's today!

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