Wednesday 2 February 2011

Wednesday morning

I got a surprise when I opened up iGoogle this morning. Snowing in Chelmsford it announced. No, said I and rushed to check. I was right. It isn't, thank goodness! It looks and feels cold and damp though and I am glad I have to take the car this morning (off to a course straight after school) rather than feel obliged to walk.

Why feel obliged? Well, for various reasons, my exercise has been zero this week. No swimming since Saturday and no dance exercise yesterday. There won't be any swimming today either. I'm missing it - I'm missing the effects of it. Maybe tomorrow, after school. Fingers crossed.

As for today, it's almost entirely in class, with my class. Jolly nice too! And after school, K and I whizz straight off to another local school to start a six session course on Makaton, something we have both wanted to do for absolutely ages. I'm sure you will hear more about that in due course.

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