Sunday 20 February 2011

Sunday morning

I'm really late today. For a start, I didn't wake until after sunrise - well after. That's good, especially after my two long sleeps yesterday. Take away Chinese for breakfast is hardly healthy, but it's awfully nice and today was no exception. It doesn't happen all that often so I'm sure there's no harm done.

I then sat down to a good knitting session. I made the front of a little shawl neck jumper for baby T yesterday, all bar one but of neck shaping, and I've now made a good start on the back. Knitting patterns almost always say back first but I always do front first so that however the neck shaping works out, I can do the back to match (assuming no back neck shaping, of course).
I will get the back done today. For baby knits I always do the sleeves together, one set of needles, two balls of wool. It means that whatever the shaping is, they will both be exactly the same and seems to take less time. What will take the longest is the neck, of course, but I do love shawl necks and it means that the neck will be plenty large enough for T's head to go through.

The pattern is here but I'm not doing stripes and different colours, I'm doing it all a cheerful cherry red with a diamond pattern knitted in. It doesn't change the tension at all and looks good.
I did find a little sleeveless top pattern but it has American terms (which I had to look up) and seems to indicate that you keep increasing as you knit up, which really can't be right. It's going to need adapting so I'll get the other done first and then have a think about it. It might be nice knitted in a basket weave stitch.

I've also popped a smallish piece of belly pork in the oven. It's based on a recipe on the wonderful 'Cottage Smallholder' site. Basically you slice an orange and lay it on a piece of foil, then you lay the unrolled pork, skin side up, on top. You then wrap the foil snugly all around the meat but leave the skin uncovered. Then you pop it in a medium to slow oven and let it roast very slowly for a long time, until the meat is soft and falling apart. That's the theory!

Oh, well, this is not going to get me bathed and dressed so I'd better get going. Knowing there's no work for a week makes me very lazy! Boot up the backside needed, I think! I really do want to go to Hobbycraft and I can't go dressed like this - not unless I want to be arrested, that is!

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