Sunday 27 February 2011

Sunday evening

Another gentle, pottering, productive day. It started off sunny and bright but ended up rather dull and getting somewhat chilly. Not that this stopped me from getting those plants into the garden at last - most of them anyway. That, plus some turning over and weeding, has made the garden, both front and back, look a lot brighter and pleasant to look at. I was delighted to see that I haven't killed some of the plants I put in last year and the violets, given to me by my parents, are starting to flower (rather early, surely?). The aquilegias are coming up and even the hostas are sending up little green tips of promise.

After shopping I made cupcakes and had a very amateur go at decorating them. At times like this I wish I had the 'eye' for arrangement, but they taste nice anyway. The bedroom got pretty much finished, washing was hung up to dry and DD and DG came round for tea. Just a nice, normal Sunday really.

Back to school tomorrow!

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