Saturday 12 February 2011

Saturday morning

Well, here we are, later than usual, but with a couple of hours of tidying and cleaning behind me. The bits that show are now looking reasonably respectable and I just need to do a bit more wiping over and then Dyson the carpets. That gives me plenty of time to shop and sort out the food and drink before my guests arrive at about midday.

I do wish I wasn't the sort of person who tends to leave things until the last minute. However, I am and I have to live with that. I have tried being more foresighted but it just didn't work all that well and I found that everything got done slower. It didn't seem to save time but gobble more time up without that sense of urgency that drives me on. I can't imagine I'm the only one, even though others do seem to be more on top of things earlier and my mum despairs of me!

Once they have all gone and I've cleared up, I intend to have a lazy, gentle rest of the day before some intensive planning and research tomorrow before Multi-Cultural Week starts on Monday. Not that I will be as involved with it as my colleagues, despite helping to organise. Tuesday morning is PPA and coordinator time, Thursday morning I'm off for more CASPA training and Friday is my SEN day. Oh, and half an hour off on Wednesday afternoon too.

Next week will be different and it will be tiring but once it is over, it's half term. Half way through the school year. Time to start thinking about school reports. I bet you don't miss them, Joan - they're one of the few things I will be thankful to lay down and leave behind when I retire! If I could see much point to them I might feel differently, but to spend weeks on something that might be looked at a couple of times and then either thrown away or filed in some murky folder somewhere really doesn't make a lot of sense. And before anyone is offended, I know there are exceptions, but not weeks' worth of them.

Better get going again. Now, where did I hide the Dyson?

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