Monday 21 February 2011

Monday morning

The knitting went very well yesterday. I managed to get the back and both sleeves done by dint of knitting furiously for most of the evening and some of the afternoon too. I'm very pleased with this pattern - not only was it free on the internet (and I saw it for sale in Hobbycraft) but it is also knitting up extremely well, the instructions are clear and there have been no misunderstandings (so far). Can't complain about that.

Yes, I managed to get to Hobbycraft yesterday afternoon. It's a wonderful place to just meander around, taking in all the many and varied crafts that are provided for in one shop. It's proving to be a popular place too. There were quite a lot of shoppers and the checkouts looked very busy.

No, I'm no artist. I can't draw to save my life, never could, and while I am 'good with my hands' (as the saying goes), my sense of creativity is pretty minimal. But all my life I have been attracted to colour and texture and have been known to spend hours wandering around a good collection of yarns or fabrics, looking, touching, comparing, matching - just letting it all sing to me. Yesterday afternoon I went with a purpose. I even had a list! However, that didn't stop me from doing the usual in terms of hovering, wandering up and down the wool shelves, imagining and also, I have to admit, gasping with horror at some of the prices.
But, oh, those colours. Absolutely glorious! Utterly magical.

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