Sunday 13 February 2011

Sunday morning

When my friends visited yesterday, one of them brought with them a neat hearing aid gadget. It was a thingy that enables the user to switch to the loop thingy on their hearing aid when watching telly. It's good too. It certain gives a clear and audible sound, possibly a little tinny, but that clarifies the sound more and is not unpleasant in the least. I have it here to try out for a while but if early impressions are maintained, I guess I will be saving my pennies to buy one for myself.

Today I am looking forward to doing some more sustained knitting than I have been able to do during the week. I ought to have finished the second tea cosy by now and I'm still on the first side. Not good. In-between knitting sessions, I have a bit of school work to be getting on with, so today will be nice and quiet and purposeful too. No cleaning or dusting (unless you count my bedroom, of course) but I must do some washing, drying and ironing if I am to have any clothes for the coming week!

Better go and put the first load in then!

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