Monday 28 February 2011

Monday evening

. . . and yes, I did remember that I was on playground duty. I wished I wasn't - goodness it was perishing cold and my hands were blocks of ice by the end. Even Little Pickle didn't protest at having to wear his coat so it *must* have been cold!

As always, going back was nice. I have no experience of secondary education but I do know that at primary level the children become friends. Friends to enjoy, socialise with and generally make part of your life. A week or fortnight off, welcome as they are in terms of rest, mean that this friendship is interrupted. Resuming it is lovely. Today was really lovely. Noisy, but lovely! The end of the summer term can be heartbreaking . . .

That turtle display was very well received, much to our delight. We thought it was pretty good: it's nice to have that feeling confirmed by others. Well worth the going into school in the holiday to get it done. I feel quite proud of it really so I'm sure the children do as well. After all, it's celebrating their hard work.

Just one blip thing - I've been sneezing an awful lot today. Usually this means I am starting a cold. Oh, please, no, I've more than had my share of virus-y things this school year.

Fingers crossed!

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