Saturday 5 February 2011

Saturday: a little later on

. . . and I'm very proud to announce that I went swimming, managed twenty minutes of it before the tiredness, aches and shakes returned and then had a wonderful ten minutes in the hot spa until I felt normal again. After that I wandered into Matalan (because it's there) and then drove to Hobbycraft.

Now, I've been avoiding Hobbycraft since my first visit when I gave my bank manager palpitations and it hadn't been on the list of Things To Do, but I swear to you, the car just took me there. Honest!! It couldn't have been me!

Yes, I bought stuff I don't strictly *need*. Yes, I spent money (what else would I spend) and yes, I'm jolly chuffed with what I got. More wool, some needles, some crochet hooks, four stacking plastic boxes (on special and for the shed) and a book entitled 100 Flowers to Knit and Crochet (see the photo, which I found on Google here). It's beautiful. It shows me how to make so much - pansies, forget-me-nots, roses, poppies, various leaves and there's even a wee ladybird in there too. Guess what I'm doing this afternoon. Did I hear someone say 'tidying your bedroom?' Naaaah - what a silly idea! :0)

I made chocolate flapjacks and, as usual, half of them fell apart. Ho hum. However, Miss Frugal of Chelmsford wasn't phased. Dear me, no, I've collected up all the bits and they will make scrummy topping an crumble or on ice cream, yogurt or whatever. I'll freeze them and scoop out what I need when I need it. Must have another go at the flapjacks though, when I've bought some more porridge oats. And next time I will leave them in the tin for longer, much longer.

But now I'm worn out and am going to sit and have a rest.

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