Saturday 26 February 2011

Saturday afternoon

For a nothing day I have been remarkably busy. I've baked two small loaves the old fashioned way (i.e. not in the bread maker), am half way through making up a recipe called Moroccan meatballs, done a lot more to my bedroom, sorted out a whole load of old knitting wool and sorted out my eating for the week.

Oh - and christened (not literally) my new stepper.
In Tesco on Wednesday, I noticed that they had a stepper with a bashed in box at more or less half price. Just a basic one but another weapon in my getting healthy armoury, I thought. So today I put Baking made Easy on iPlayer, put the stepper behind the PC chair (I need something to hold on to to keep my balance at the moment) and stepped away for - ooohhh - all of two minutes, by which time I was puffing and blowing and red of face. Oh, the shame. Still, at least it gives me a target to work towards, doesn't it?

So now I need to have a bath and get dressed (ooops), do the weekly shop which is pretty small now I'm back on healthy eating and using all the resources I have in the freezer, finish off the bedroom (yay), finish off the meatballs and get them into freezer pots and then have a nice peaceful evening.

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