Tuesday 22 February 2011

Tuesday morning

. . . and it feels pretty cold at the moment. The ground is very wet too so it's obviously been raining overnight. Never mind, I don't have to turn out if I don't want to and wet playtime is not something that exercises my mind unduly right now!

I got the little jumper finished yesterday evening. As with all knitted things, the time it took to make up was well worth the effort and care taken at this point makes all the difference to the finished article. I'm pretty pleased with the way it looks now and will post a photo when (if) I get round to taking one. I have started the second one now, which will be a lot quicker as it has no sleeves and the neck is just plain 2x2 rib. Knitting for littlies is just so rewarding: the work grows so quickly and is done before it gets to be a chore in any way.

The other very pleasant happening yesterday was lunch with Liz, who has now retired but was my co-worker in year 1. We had a great natter about all sorts of stuff: retirement suits her very well and she's blossoming. She made jacket potato, but it was sweet potato, not ordinary, and the topping had chutney, bacon, mushroom - oh, it was delicious. There was cheese on top and a side salad and I made and took round some banana and mango muffins which came out really well. Soft, light and 'fluffy' and perfectly moist inside. I could have stayed for hours longer but needed to go so we will meet up again soon.

I have no idea what I'm going to do today (apart from knitting, that is) - we'll see what happens. I did notice a wool and stuff sort of shop yesterday which could be fun to investigate. Now, when do I get paid?

I'm sure the day will be good, whatever comes along.

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