Saturday 5 February 2011

Saturday morning

. . . and I've made a resolution to try not to grumble too much. Goodness knows, I've done enough over this last week to last the rest of the month! So it's positive forward looking for me . . . a-a-a-tishoo!!!

I think I'll go swimming this morning. I'll feel a huge amount better afterwards, I'm sure, and I need some exercise. Then it's back home in time for George and after that it's housework for a while. Housework and shopping are today's chores. Especially important is tackling my bedroom (yes, again), which has degenerated into a horrible, messy pile of dumped stuff. I'm sure that's a reason for my restless sleep recently and it needs dealing with! Today's the day!!

One of the LSAs at school gave me a recipe for flapjacks. Chocolate flapjacks, to be honest. They look great and I need something to give to George after all his work, so I'm giving them a whirl. They will be cut into titchy little squares and popped into the freezer until next week. Out of sight, out of mind, as the saying goes.

After several false starts and in-between coughs, sneezes and sleeps, I did manage to make a little tea cosy for my smallest tea pot yesterday It looks cute! I will christen it this morning by having a cuppa with my titchy taste of flapjack rather than coffee.

Better go and get started, I suppose!

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