Sunday 6 February 2011

Sunday morning

Good morning (or afternoon or whatever). It's very early in the morning and I've been up for quite a while, unloaded and reloaded the dishwasher, cleaned round the kitchen, rinsed and re-soaked the ham and spent some time on the PC. I think, as it's Sunday, I will go back to bed for a bit more sleep in a little while.
No swimming today. I rather overdid it yesterday, I think, and think it's probably sensible not to try to push it through again today. I have to be back at work tomorrow!

So what's on the list for today?

Well, the bedroom, of course, isn't it always? Will it actually get done today? Goodness knows. It ought to be a priority, considering the state that it is in, but somehow there's always something more important (aka 'interesting') to do.

I will be boiling up a piece of gammon ham this morning to have hot for dinner and then cold for various meals, etc, during the week. It's from one of the gammons I got reduced just after Christmas and it does look a very nice piece. There's nothing nicer than home cooked gammon! If the stock is not too salty (and I hope it won't be, because it's been soaking overnight) I will use it to make a ham and pea soup for next weekend.

As next Saturday will be bread and cheese day, I found a recipe for a sort of tear and share cheesy bread which I want to make this morning (and then freeze). As always, the cheese content doesn't look enough and I'm sure my hand will 'slip' while grating and adding it to the dough. It's funny how that always happens, isn't it? I might add some onion too - the recipe doesn't say onion, but cheese and onion have such a taste affinity and it is for a glorified ploughman's lunch!

And the last culinary thing on the list is to make some more biscotti, like the biscotti I made for Christmas pressies. Middle Brother said he really liked it so I thought I'd do some more and he can take some home with him. Unfortunately I couldn't get pistachios so I am substituting pecans instead. Not really the same, but still very delicious. I might add some cinnamon or something too, to give it a spice edge.

I am ridiculously chuffed with my little tea cosy (see photo, which is shockingly bad quality but shows what it's like a little bit). The flower on the top is the first pattern in the book I mentioned yesterday. I think it's really cute and I think I will now make a couple of egg cosies to match, which won't take any time at all. Won't my breakfast be coordinated nicely?

And isn't 'cosy' a lovely, evocative, comfortable word? It hints of warm fires, hot buttered toast and snuggly slippers with the wind howling outside and the snow swirling around the chimney pot. Utter satisfaction!

Better go and get the ham on, I suppose. I have to decide whether I want to bake it after boiling or not. Decisions, decisions!

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