Friday 18 February 2011

Friday late afternoon

Two weeks ago it would have been almost dark at this time. It's still light now. And don't we feel better for the longer days and the colour starting to show all round us? As I walk home I can see patches of purple, white and yellow and there are exciting green spires promising more, much more to come too. Lovely!

Today was lovely too. The Caribbean muffins went down a storm. We couldn't find much tropical dried fruit over the road so we used dried pineapple and then added fresh chopped banana and mango (not overly ripe, but it worked well) and they were scrummy. One to remember for another time. My LSAs and my supply teacher all took a copy of the print out so thanks, Nigella, for the base recipe. If you're interested, it's here: the cranberries were replaced by the fruit as recorded above and the caster sugar by demerara sugar. The original recipe is also well worth doing: it's now one of our Christmas traditions - muffins for breakfast on Christmas morning. Scrummy.

After morning play we (all of the infant department) bounced around the school, singing and dancing for the juniors, ending up in the playground where we conga-ed up and down, up and down, watched enviously through their demountable windows by some year fives, until we were breathless, before we went back indoors to rest. One little foundation stage child was heard to say 'Can we do that again tomorrow please'! Er - no . . . thanks but . . . no! Definitely - no!

It was a memorable end to an interesting and enjoyable week but, oh, we staff are all ready for a break now. Thank goodness for half term! So all my littlies piled out of the classroom, Anansi or carnival headdress on head, the other around one arm, over-laden with book bag, coat, PE bag, lunch box and water bottle. They were weary too!

And now I must start getting ready for bowling. Yay!!!

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