Thursday 10 February 2011

Thursday evening

. . . and weather did not permit so no games. I shifted maths up to this morning and realised that I had an afternoon to fill with something or other, so we did some art. We haven't done art for a wee while now. There was a very tenuous link with literacy - they watched me produce a 'string painting', then we all went back to the IWB and the children helped me to produce a set of instructions, all beginning with that necessary imperative verb, of course. Then they followed the instructions. There was just time for all the children to produce a painting before it was time to tidy up and great fun was had all round.

I've just come back from T's house. Another of the school get-togethers, mostly the TAs and LSAs but I guess I must be an honorary TA/LSA because I always get invited along anyway. There weren't all that many of us: illness has taken its toll and people who are managing to get to work are not then fit to go out in the evening, bless them. I found myself falling asleep after a couple of hours so made my excuses and left. It was fun, though. It's good to take a more light-hearted look at everyday things and have a bit of a giggle as we do so. Many thanks, T.

Which reminds me - MUST remember to book the bowling for next Friday evening! I wonder if I can book online . . .

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