Friday 4 February 2011

Friday morning

. . . and I'm definitely not going into school: no way do I want to spread this whatever-it-is to the children or my colleagues. I didn't sleep all that well and the aches are uncomfortable. Hopefully I will be able to doze in the recliner at a few points today.

If I can get my brain around it, I found a free pattern for an old fashioned tea cosy which I would like to knit. I have a cosy for the big teapot but not for the two smaller ones. I like tea cosies!
Apart from that which I may get going with, I have no plans for today except to rest, keep up the fluids and get well again.

It's a right pain - it is my SEN day and I have a whole load of paperwork building up. Grrrrr . . .

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