Monday 14 February 2011

Monday evening

. . . and I'm worn out, but what a great day it has been. The first day of our multi-cultural week, a mum in to talk about her holiday in the Caribbean (many thanks to her) and a great half hour with some steel drums (and the lovely people who play them, of course), which ended up with the whole class conga-ing around the hall most energetically! Such brilliant fun.

I was wrong about the weather - the rain disappeared, the sun came out and we all went out to play without coats on - incredible for February. What a very strange winter we are having, to be sure. Snow days before Christmas, mild enough for no coats in the middle of February. No complaints from me, of course.

I've just finished watching one of my favourite Doctor Who? repeats . . . the one where he and Amy meet Vincent. Such a funny, heartbreaking, whimsical episode. I think that one and Blink stand head and shoulders above all the others - oh, maybe The Empty Child also shines.
Can't wait for the next series!

Hope I sleep well tonight. I think I will need it!

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