Sunday 13 February 2011

Sunday morning later on

I had rather a lot of ham left over after the get together yesterday and had reconciled myself to ham with everything over the next few days: ham and eggs, ham and salad, ham and tomatoes, ham porridge, ham yogurt . . . ;0)

But then I had a look for some leftover recipes and found one for a ham loaf, using minced cooked ham, oats, ground cloves, mustard, milk and egg. It has a pineapple glaze topping too, made with brown sugar, vinegar and pineapple pieces. It's an American recipe and the portions are LARGE. I made half the quantity of the recipe and the full amount said to serve eight. What I have made will easily serve six and that's what I'm going to cut it into - six generous slices.

I haven't tasted it yet, but it's cooked and cooling and it smells very, very nice indeed. So that's all the ham used apart from one good slice for dinner today! Excellent!

I've not posted many photos lately, mainly because I haven't taken any, but here's one of the large space in the raised bed where George cleared a plant that was threatening to take over the whole garden. You can see how big it was from the space that it's left. I want to move the chives (the little green spikes just in front of the rosemary bush) over to the right hand side and have a small bush or two on the left, maybe with herbs all along the right side, next to the chives. The rosemary is getting a bit woody too - can one take cuttings?
There's so much potential in a cleared patch, isn't there?

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