Friday 11 February 2011

Friday morning

And here we are, back at Friday again. Thank goodness I'm feeling a lot better this Friday than I was last Friday. I'm also feeling somewhat rushed as a load of people are descending on me tomorrow for a family lunch and the place is in something of a mess right now! It's mostly superficial but I will need to bustle around this evening so that tomorrow morning can be spent on food related stuff.

As I've already mentioned in a previous blog, I'm going to make it a sort of ploughman's buffet. So that's cheeses, ham and pork pie with cherry tomatoes, celery, coleslaw, pickled onions and chutneys. The pickled onions are a real concession. Personally, I cannot abide the things but . . .

And then there's a selection of breads. The tear and share cheese and onion that I made last week, some soda bread, some crusty white rolls and some Doris Grant loaf. I just need to buy some batons or similar, I think.

I think dessert will be just fresh fruit, unless I see anything particularly nice in Morrisons this evening or feel energised to make my own - flapjacks and muffins come to mind as I type this, so maybe . . .!
I was going to make cheese scones but I really think there's more than enough savoury stuff so I will save that idea for another time. I was going to make biscotti too, but . . . well, we will see. I'd like to but time might be against me here.

It's SEN day today and, after missing it last week, it's full of stuff to do. I will miss my class though. They've been really lovely this week and have worked well. Their instruction sentences were really rather good and - and - nearly everyone remembered to put a full stop at the end of each sentence. Yippee!!!!

Little things make teachers happy!

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