Thursday 3 February 2011

Thursday morning

Yes, that early night meant an early awakening. I have plenty of work to fill the extra time, so no problems. However, I did sleep rather fitfully which is likely to be a combination of cold and lack of swimming. I think I will take my kit with me to school but whether I will actually go swimming depends on whether I feel up to it. We will see.

Today I am out of class for the morning. The local (and outstanding) Special School is very keen on sharing its expertise with other schools in the community and we (LSAs/TAs and SENCOs) have already been on their excellent Autism Awareness course which was far, far better than anything the LEA provided. Our teaching staff will also have the same training later on. Something the Local Delivery Group enabled was for the school to share its use of an excellent SEN assessment tool, called CASPA and today the head and I are going there, laptop in bag, to copy CASPA onto the laptop and have some training in how to use it. It should be very interesting indeed.

And today I will be trying to use Makaton with the children. I can sign 'come here and sit down, please (or thank you!)' - that's a start! When I told them yesterday what I was going to do after school there were some very interested little faces so I guess they will enjoy seeing and using some of the signs. And K and I have to practise!

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