Sunday 27 February 2011

Sunday morning

. . . and the very last day before school starts. Not the last day of the holiday though, that was Friday.
Yesterday turned out well. I made some bread 50% the old fashioned way. In other words, the doughty was made and kneaded and got it's first rising in the bread maker, then finished off by hand. Very nice it was too; unfortunately for my resumed healthy eating, pretty irresistible.

I was directed to a recipe in one of the WLR boards, for Moroccan meatballs. Now, I'm quite partial to meatballs of various kinds and this recipe used steak mince, of which I had some, in the freezer. It also asked for fresh leaf coriander and mint, neither of which I had, so I used dried coriander and, believe it or not, a good dollop of good quality mint sauce and you know what - they were delicious - still are, in fact, as there are seven portions to go into the freezer as soon as I get round to bagging and labelling them.

I didn't go shopping in the end, so will need to go today. A gentle meander around Morrison's at 10:00 will get it all done. In the meanwhile I have one egg left and can't decide whether to make cranberry muffins or cupcakes . . . decisions, decisions!

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