Monday 1 May 2017


Good morning, everyone.  A pinch and a punch for the first of the month!  Tradition satisfied

It rained overnight, then the sun came out earlier, now it is clouding over again.  Will I get to the allotment?  We will have to see.

We worked pretty hard at the allotment yesterday, Beth and I, and went back to mine pretty stiff and achey.  However, we finished bark chipping under the other two trees and finished the weeding of the patch we were on as well as giving the potatoes a good watering as the ground is still very dry despite the rain.

Once home, we had lunch and then Beth sewed while I cleared up and then did some adminning.
She finished a bag she's making for someone and then got on with the quilt she is making for her bed. Halfway through the afternoon we drove down to the Hare to book a table for next Sunday lunchtime (Alex's birthday) and then Beth went home and I tried not to fall asleep, unsuccessfully!

It was an early bedtime and an early rising today!

Today I hope to do some more allotment work (see above) and I have two loaves of bread that are nearly ready to pop into the oven.  Beth had the two I made yesterday, you see.
After that, I really have no idea what to do - I foresee a lazy day!  Inspired by Beth's industry yesterday, I might do a bit more cutting out squares for the duvet cover I want to make

The other day Diane gave me an idea for netting my fruit - canes and jamjars.  I was looking round the garden and realised that I have a bundle of willow canes that I brought back from a weaving course but never used.  I think I will try to construct a cage frame with them so I can just drape some netting over.  It might work and, if it does, it might look quite arty!  Worth a go anyway.  Watch this space.

Well, the bread is ready to go in now so I will stop rambling and get on with stuff.  The kitchen is reasonably clear, which is nice, so I can than have my bath with a clear conscience.

Happy Mayday to you all, whatever you are doing today.


  1. Happy May Day, Joy. Will we get to see some photos of the allotment?


  2. Our homemade fruit cage is so old I can't remember when it was put up. I has chicken netting round the bottom. It's to keep out ground feeding birds. Jx

  3. My joints usually ache on a cloudy day, so I prefer a quiet rain to cloudiness.
    On a 'lazy' day I'll do what I'm always very lazy about to do , namely, to try lift a 3-kg ball. They say aerobic activity (such as walking) is not enough to maintain muscle mass and normal body weight.One has to do some strength - based work for several minutes a day(anaerobic activity).

  4. Eileen - you will, once it is in a fit state to be seen. I cleared more weeds today so am now feeling very virtuous!

    Joan - I don't really have room for a formal construction. Chicken wire sounds good but . . . :-)

    DUTA - I'm afraid exercise isn't really my thing but I do feel that forking up weeds definitely helps - well, it's better than now't anyway. :-)

    J x