Thursday 25 May 2017


As predicted, yesterday was a very busy day but also a most satisfying day.  I did my governer's thingies, wrote my reports and sent them off (I hate to leave them hanging around), I went to the garden centre, finished off the raised beds in the allotment, did my tutorial and got to the governors' meeting in time.  Phew.

I was given a very lovely bunch of flowers from one of my students whose tuition has now stopped because mission accomplished.

I took on a bit more responsibility at the governors' meeting but I'm really glad to be able to pay back.  The school has been so good to me over the decades.  This responsibility is in my special interest area so great.

During the day a parcel arrived.  Helpful steps under the arbour to give a comfortable resting place for shorter legs.

After a visit from some nice mending men, my French window latch is no longer stiff and the shed catch is on the mend.  It's an outside job so they can finish it off any time.

A very good day, all in all.  Lots achieved.

Today was supposed to be easier but now I have allotment, two meetings and two lots of tuition.  I will go to the allotment early so I'm going to get myself sorted out now at 5:30, and then finish off the tuition planning.  Have a great day, everyone.

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