Thursday 4 May 2017


Morning, everyone.

Yesterday was dismal and we had a fair bit of rain on and off.  Just what the garden needed but I was glad I didn't have to go to the allotment.  I'm not sure about this morning: it looks dull but the ground is dry.  I'll decide nearer the time.

It's nearly the end of tuition with one of my students.  We have been doing SATs catch-up preparation and, of course, it is SATs next week, poor things.  I will miss the students and I will miss the sessions too.  However, I have a 'replacement' starting after the summer break, so that's nice.

Beth was round yesterday morning, working on birthday gift stuff.  She's made some lovely things over the past few months but I think she will be glad when it's all done and dusted now.

Apart from allotment today, I will be in school with Y2 this afternoon, followed by tuition sessions.  Must remember to go and vote too!  I've never known such a lack lustre local election but at least there hasn't been a lot of wasted paper!


  1. Poor things ... I think they'll all be glad when the SATS are finished. I have next week off, as music lessons are too noisy when the exams are taking place.

  2. That's a shame as a nice, creative music lesson is just the ticket in situations like that. Ah, well!
    It's all wrong though.
    J x