Sunday 7 May 2017


Good morning!  It's dull and dry at the moment but I think it's going to clear up - I hope so, anyway!

We did good work down the allotment yesterday!  The front half is finally clear of weeds (on the surface, anyway) and now we just (just!!!) have to keep it clear.  The main worry is the ground elder which is all over and a right pain.  I'm getting to hate those easily broken little curls of white root that are tough enough to grow through rotting wood and which defy all efforts to dig them up.  Short of chemicals (and it may come to that), we are adopting the 'fork it as you find it' approach, but I bet we will miss some.  Nasty stuff!

Once we'd had our coffee, we put in the canes and started sowing.  We now have mange tout, climbing French beans and sugar snaps and we more or less know where the other stuff will go too.  We're not planting loads this summer but we're hoping to have baby corn, carrots, spring onions, squash and courgettes as well as the potatoes, the beans/peas and the fruit.  It should give us our five a day over the summer months, especially with the runners and tomatoes at home.

Now we have to start tackling the back which has been under cover but which has stuff growing through, so goodness knows what we will find.  Part of it will be levelled, covered with membrane and bark/pine chips and the three compost bins will go on that section, all nice and neat and in a row!  After that we have to think what we want come the autumn.  Any ideas?

Back at home, I had lunch and then popped down to the party shop to get some birthday balloons inflated for today.  They are in the back of the car and I will take them to The Hare this morning so they can go on our table.   I'm looking forward to our family get together.
Than I sat down in front of a Miss Marple on the telly and that was a mistake - over an hour later I came to with a slightly muggy head and an aching back.  That's digging for you!

I'm expecting today to be busy so I made my dough early and I must hang out the washing now so I can take it down before people start arriving.
So I'd better get going!  Have a lovely Sunday.


  1. You have been busy! We had to deal with ground elder in a previous garden so I don't envy you having to battle with it. We did manage to eradicate it in the end though. My only problem is bindweed which creeps under the fence from next door, so regular inspections are needed to stop it taking over. So far, I'm winning that battle!!

  2. We have a bit of bindweed and need to keep an eye open but not an awful lot and, fingers crossed, we can keep it down.
    I'm glad to know you managed to get rid of it eventually. That's an encouragement! Thanks.
    J x

  3. Don't envy your ground elder, my plague is bindweed and next door's yellow poppies!

    Nothing tastes better than freshly cut Asparagus and a few early spuds!

  4. We want to have an asparagus bed at some point. We had one once upon a time when living else where, and it was so delicious!
    J x