Saturday, 13 May 2017


After a 'good for the garden' day yesterday, it's back to a bit chilly but dry today.  We had several quite heavy showers, not enough to completely replenish and refresh the plants but a lot better than nothing.

It was a bone idle day yesterday after a very early start seeing Jackie off.  We have a pattern now - she comes back to mine after a show but leaves after just a coffee in the morning in order to avoid the rush hour/school run.  Works for us both!

I got some ironing done which was just as well because I have sheets to do today and I really don;t want them hanging over into next week.

Because of the weather, the allotment didn't get a look in, but I'm going today and, probably tomorrow too.  After all, I have to use my new flask.

I was so cross with myself - earlier in the week I was washing out the flask when I dropped it onto the hard tiles.  It was a metal one so it didn't smash but the opening dented and I now can't get the lid on!  I found another, larger one in Sainsburys which has two cups attached which is perfect for me and Beth.  It also has a handle for easier pouring.  It's glass inside so I will need to be careful!

I did some bread-making and now have one sliced loaf and four good sized rolls in the freezer.  The slices are for everyday but the rolls are for my lunches next week.  Next week is my Holiday From Home and the other thing I did was plan where I am going each day.  So now I can look forward to going to . . .
Coggeshall to Paycocke's house and Grange Barn
Hyde Hall
Ingatestone Hall
Kentwell Hall
Blake House Craft Centre
I also had Hylands and Layer Marney Tower on my list so they can be treats for another time.
I'm really looking forward to it.

Today, after allotment work, I will potter around a bit in my own garden, plant on some of the tomatoes now that I have bought some more little pots, de-mess the house and then generally mooch around being lazy.

It should be good.


  1. Have fun! Enjoy your 'staycation' as the term goes nowadays.Jx

  2. I know - I don't like that word . . . too American, probably. We talk about 'holidays' not 'vacations', after all. :-)
    Thanks - I am really looking forward to it.
    J x


  3. Dear Joy,

    What interesting places and lots of things to buy for your garden/allotment and your hobbies. I cannot wait to
    hear about your daily adventures.

    Kindest regards, Rosemary

  4. Thanks, Rosemary. I really am looking forward to it very much indeed.
    J x