Tuesday 16 May 2017


This is late, isn't it.  Really sorry.  I wanted to have some photos from yesterday to show you and I've not long uploaded them.

Coggeshall was lovely yesterday.  It's a very attractive large village/small town with some gorgeous houses (some for sale - wish I could) and interesting places to visit.  It was a shame about the rain but I shall go back on a sunny day as there's plenty more to see.  I gather the church is interesting and I didn't get within throwing distance of it.

I visited Paycocke's House and Gardens and then went on to Grange Barn.  The barn has an interesting history but there wasn't an awful lot to see, unlike the barns at Cressing Temple, but the house and gardens - oh, my word.

It's small, not 'stately' in the least bit.  It's owned by the National Trust bit is a family home and the 'owner' shows people round.  I was the first there and we had such an interesting talk about the history of the house.  I took a lot of photos but some were too dark - another reason for going back on a sunny day!

This means 'Do not sit on me'.  Everything else is touchable, sitable, readable . . .

The garden was also lovely.  An arts and crafts style and very, very green (also damp yesterday, but never mind).

Well worth a visit if you are in the area.


  1. What a beautiful town and as for Paycocke's, wow, a seasoned house indeed! (Love the do not park yourself on me sign too!)

  2. Me too. The first one I saw was, I thought, just decoration, but then I noticed the others! A nice way to do it!
    I will be going back on a sunny day!
    J x