Wednesday 10 May 2017


Woohoo - the sun is shining and the clouds are clearing.  It's very cheerful out there today and it's made me feel cheerful too.

It's another busy day today which is great as it keeps my mind off food.  Allotment first - just me today - followed by planning, tuition and a governors' meeting.

Despite the dullness, yesterday went really well.  We're chipping away (literally, seeing how hard the ground is) at the allotment although the list of things to catch up on seems pretty endless right now.  Never mind, we will get there.

Then I went down to school and did my bit before coming home for a restful evening.  I had to make a choice between Great British Menu and Save Money: Good Food; I chose the latter and it was a mistake.  I'm not enjoying it nearly as much as I enjoyed Eat Well For Less, the show it is trying to imitate.  For a start, it is only half an hour and by the time you take off adverts, the very extended beginning and all the generic shots, there can't be more than 15 minutes of actual content.  They whizz through the recipes without much clarity, their costings are suspect and, adding insult to injury, the recipes are not online, you have to buy the book.
You should be able to do better than that, ITV.  Really not impressed.

I watched Menu later on iPlayer and enjoyed it enough to stay awake.

Well, it's time for bath and getting ready for the outside world.  I hope it is sunny where you are too!

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