Monday 15 May 2017


The sun is rising, the skies are clearing and my heart is lifting.  Hopefully it is going to be another lovely day.

After an uncertain start yesterday, weather-wise, it warmed and brightened up so by ten I was down the allotment, forking and weeding for all I was worth.  It is slow progress but I finished clearing the second strip so now we can get that area boarded off and covered with membrane and chips.  I also started sorting out the loads of wood we had to hold the covering plastic down so now we can start uncovering, forking and weeding the rest of that part.

Some wood we want to keep as it is shaped to make raised beds.  The other is only fit for firewood and I wonder if there's anyone local who has a wood burning stove and who would be able to use it.  I must talk to Beth about this.  It seems an awful shame to just dump it if it could be used.

The rest of the day was idled away.  A bit of housework, a bit of washing and a bit of telly watching plus a visit to Morrison's to stock up with sugar (for preserving) as they have 2k bags for 88p which is amazing value.  I also picked up a few YS things including some asparagus which looks too old and tough for dippy eggs but which should make a lovely soup.  At 9p the bunch, it was too good to walk past.  I've never made asparagus soup so need to research it a bit.  Diane - have you?

Today is, hopefully, a bit of allotmenting and then I'm off, picnic lunch in hand, to Coggeshall.  It's been on my list of things to do for ages now so I am very much looking forward to it.  When I get home there will just be time to make dinner and then I shall crash out in front of the telly.

In the time it has taken to write this, the sun has gone and the sky has darkened.  Drat and drabbit!  Fingers crossed, eh!


  1. Yes I have made lots of asparagus soup
    I usually start off with the frying of the onions then add the middle part of the asparagus and some strong stock and boil until tender then blitz and add some cream and the very tender tips right at the end. The very woody base of the asparagus is pretty useless. You can boil it in the stock to extract any flavour but it stays woody so you will have to remove it. Good luck

  2. I thought you might, many thanks. I like the idea about using the woody base for stock too.
    I will give it a go soon and I'm sure I will enjoy the results.
    J x