Thursday 11 May 2017


Yesterday was such a glorious Spring day, wasn't it.  The first morning sun we have had here for quite a while.  Just look at that sky in the photo.

That's the allotment looking so much better than it did four or five weeks ago.  There's still more to clear at the back, where you can't see, but the improvement is massive.  If there was a 'most improved allotment' award, we'd be on the shortlist.

Just so you can see, here's a photo Beth took at the beginning of April from almost the same place.  Spot the differences.  :-)

We've been planning the back section and we think we've come to a conclusion.  Down the right there is the rhubarb bed: that's staying.  Down the left, where the pink barrow is, we're going to cover with membrane and then bark chips and the bins will stand in a line, one for weeds and two for other garden waste.  In front of that there should be room for a slightly raised bed - Beth has quite a collection of odds and ends and we are sure we can create at least one square.
Then just inside the bins and the rhubarb we plan two paths for access and down the middle between those two paths we want to put a selection of raspberry bushes that ripen at different times so we get fruit through summer and into autumn.

In front of that patch is, this year, the potatoes, then two trees and then the front area.  We have sowing there and plan more.

And just look what I saw yesterday.  The first potato leaves.

OK, that's enough self congratulations!  After I'd done my stint, I came home and devoured a mug of coffee before getting my planning done.  Then there was a knock at the door and it was the pink blueberry I ordered.  Well, actually, no, it wasn't, it was a delivery man with the blueberry.  It is now in its (maybe) forever home, getting to know the other blueberry and recovering from its incarceration in a cardboard box..  No flowers on this one, unlike the other, so no pink fruit this year, but fingers crossed for next year, eh?

The new one is on the right

After tuition (great fun as always) I whizzed straight off to school to the Governors' meeting and actually managed to stay awake which was amazing after a day with allotment exercise and no afternoon snooze.  In fact, it was very interesting, one way and another.

All in all, a most enjoyable day.

Today is also likely to be good but I will tell you about that tomorrow.  The sun is shining and I have another fairly full day planned.  It certainly keeps me out of trouble!


  1. That is a gorgeous sky! You did a great job on the allotment.

  2. Thank you. W're quite pleased with how it is going although there's loads more to get done yet. It's a never ending job really but we're working to get all the 'heavy' stuff under control.
    J x