Saturday 6 May 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It looks as if it's going to be another fine day today and maybe a little bit warmer too which would be very nice!

Our girls' evening yesterday was lovely.  I made the starter (soup) and the other brought the main, dessert and drinks.  It made the whole thing very easy indeed, not at all stressful to prepare.  Very sociable, very chatty and very pleasant.  Next time we meet, I may have strawberries in the garden.  Yay!

Today is another allotment morning and, at last, at long, long last, we are going to plant.  Mange tout and french beans are going in today.  I will be mowing the grass too.  It's not growing all that fast but after the rain it will need a haircut.

In the afternoon I have to go to the party shop to get balloons, etc, for Alex's family meal tomorrow to celebrate his birthday.  Then there's stuff I need to get on with in my own garden - it's all go with the growing stuff!

Somewhere in between I have some bread to make too, some for me and some for Beth and Alex.

A nice, normal, productive day.  Happy life.


  1. Is it time for 'feed and weed'? Our lawn has had several haircuts already. My concern is going to be the greenhouse. Last week we visited the local garden centre and came back with Ailsa Craig, Moneymaker, Shirley and another I've forgotten. Am going to use Vermiculite in the tubs. Toms have a bad habit of feast of famine drying or waterlogging. I used Vermiculite years ago and remembered it ought to help. Jx

  2. Not down the allotment it isn't! :-) I call it 'grass', not 'lawn' for a reason. The less it grows the better as it's a bit painful lugging the battery mower into the back of my car to get it to the allotment. However, it will have to be done tomorrow, and all the edging too.
    It's warming up a bit now so I suspect it will have to be done more often.

    I have to remember to water my toms daily, twice a day in the hot weather. Your use of vermiculite should help - it's moisture absorbent, isn't it?
    J x

  3. Yes, Joy Vermiculite absorbs water and releases it. Makes it easier for me to keep the toms watered without them drying out too quickly. It keeps compost aerated and helps plant root growth. Jx

  4. Must look out for some . . . thanks.
    J x