Monday 8 May 2017


Chilly, dull aaarrgghh - when will the warmer weather arrive?  It's getting me down.

Oh - good morning.  Sorry for the dismal start, I feel better for writing it though.

Having said that first bit, to be fair, yesterday was lovely once the sun had emerged.  Bright, breezy and warm enough to have the French windows open.  Really good!

Also really good was the family meal down the Hare.  Everyone had what they wanted:  a few had starters, one had a dessert and a few had coffee and I was pleased that the final amount wasn't too shocking.  I had fish and chips - I love their chips - but I was good and had a smaller plate version which was more than enough!
Then it was back home for more coffee and doughnuts, they being Alex's choice instead of a birthday cake.

I was knackered afterwards because I'd been up early, faffing around making bread, get the place tidied, etc.  It wasn't so messy really but one has to do something.

Dad brought over some tomato plants - sungold and montello.  They're much more advanced than mine which they put in the shade.  I should be OK for tomatoes this year, shouldn't I, blight permitting.

Today it's - guess what!  Yes, allotment!  Mowing, hoeing, sowing (must put the seeds in my bag) and then I'm starting on one side of the back while Beth starts on the other.  Weeds, glorious weeds!

Normally on Monday afternoon, it is school but they are out on an educational visit so I will probably go in tomorrow instead which gives me this afternoon free for my own garden.  Lots of exercise on the cards today.

Well, it's past seven and, as Diane often says, time to get the show on the road.  Enjoy your day, whatever you plan for it.


  1. I get easily affected by the weather. A cloudy day makes me depressed and my joints ache. Luckily, we've usually got warm and clear weather in our parts.
    It seems your family meal was successful. There's nothing better than family and good food.

  2. It was lovely, thanks.
    Still cold and I got very chilly at the allotment. Brrrrr
    J x