Monday 29 May 2017


Good morning, everyone.  It's an early start and I hope to get plenty done today.

Yesterday started out beautifully with sun and a pleasant breeze and our time down the allotment was lovely.  We weeded (endless, isn't it?), watered, planted out the baby corn, the lemon cucumber and some bedding flowers that were 5 trays for £10 in B&Q which seemed too good to miss.  Then, while Beth finished off the flowers, I started forking over and clearing the last patch, which was easier than I expected it to be until I remembered that it has actually been covered over for a long time.  Very few nasty roots and the lumps of earth broke up fairly easily.  It's not going to take as long as I thought, I reckon.

We decided to put in some flowers, just to add some colour really, so I hope they look nice.

Then we checked the time and it was later than we thought so we rushed off, quite forgetting to take any photos, darn it!

Beck home, Alex had decided not to come over after all, so Beth took his dinner home for him to enjoy yesterday evening.  We enjoyed our macaroni cheese and a very lavish dessert of half a strawberry each.  Yes, it has been picked and consumed and it was really delicious.  The others had better hurry along now.  While I'm waiting I still have rhubarb that I brought back with me and I stewed with some sugar.  Nice in porridge or folded into my natural yogurt.  Yum.

We had a bit of a panic when Beth couldn't find her keys but they turned up - in my bag.  I'd picked them up and tossed them in without thinking.  Sorry, Beth!

Then it got really dark and the heavens opened.  No storm as far as I could tell, just heavy rain.  Good for the garden, good for the allotment, so no complaints.  With any luck, things won't need watering today.

So, today.  Well, it was going to start with allotment but I gather we had a terrific storm a few hours ago and certainly everything is now soaking so it really depends on how much it all dries up.  One big advantage of being really hard of hearing is that I don;t get awakened by things like storms once the hearing aids are out.  I simply don't hear them.  The disadvantage is that I rather like a good storm!

So it might be allotment and might not - the skies seem to be clearing so fingers crossed.  I'm going to start a batch of bread though and make some rolls.  Then, if the allotment is off, I might attack my little front strip which is in a disgraceful state and, rain or no rain, I have to do some washing.  I also quite feel like cutting some more squares and maybe making a disappearing nine square or two.

So that's my bank holiday.  Pleasant, simple things based at home and NO REPORTS!
Three ongoing cheers!


  1. Where there is a plant there isn't a weed so why not flowers!!!

  2. This is true! Good point, thanks.
    Good luck for your holiday - I hope the flights haven't been interrupted too much.
    J x

  3. We had just a few spits and spots of rain yesterday afternoon. I also like a good thunderstorm, in the distance though. Woke up with a fright a 01.39 to a terrific clap of thunder and lighting all in one but still no rain. It's very localized though, places around us got a good soaking. Alarms were set off too but thankfully they stopped quickly.

    That half-a-strawberry pudding sounds delicious ...

  4. I didn't hear the storm but we've had plenty of rain so I'm excused watering duties today.

  5. Same here, Eileen. The ground is quite wet so all the watering we did down the allotment was on some newly sown seeds. The rest was absolutely fine.

    Annabeth, that sounds as if it was absolutely terrifying. What a shame it didn't result in any rain though.
    The strawberry was scrummy and I have three more for today. Chopped and into yogurt, I think.

    J x