Wednesday 3 May 2017


Morning, everyone.  It's dull, gloomy and it's going to rain.  Good for the garden, the allotment and ducks!

Well, yesterday was interesting!  I got a message asking if I would do supply in the afternoon.  The message was about an hour old so I replied saying 'do you still want me or have you got someone else now?'.  No response.  No problem, I had plenty to do anyway.

I popped off to the allotment with Beth after we had paid a visit to B&Q and we put in some hours of digging, weeding and moving heavy bits of wood about.  Once we got going and put our backs into it, we managed to get the cage sides we wanted to move free (with the help of the wire cutters we got from B&Q) and out of the way.  The other two sides are staying until autumn.  It is now starting to look like a 'proper' allotment - i.e. neat and ready for action - most of it anyway and we know what we will do with the covered area as the summer goes on.  There may be photos soon.

Then it was home to find two emails and a phone message, all saying yes, please, we do still need you.  A quick tidy and freshen up later and I was looking at planning and being talked through the afternoon's work by the other year group teacher.
It was lovely; when I went out to collect the class after lunch break, they all gave a happy cheer when they saw who it was.  I had that class a number of times last year for various reasons, you see, so know them reasonably well.

Oh, I was so tired by the evening.  I had planned to do the preparation for this week's tuition but I couldn't find the energy.  I'm slowing down!  That's on today's list of Things To Do, alongside tidying the living room before Sharon comes.

Sharon is our hairdresser and she's due here at 11, so I'd better get a move on, hadn't I?

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