Wednesday 31 May 2017


Morning, all.  Half way through the half term and it looks as if it might be an OK day today.  As I have to stay in for a parcel, I am hoping it is a sit outside day.

Yesterday was good.  I went to Aldi, Sainsbury's (petrol) and Wyvale and spent necessarily.  They it was home to put everything away before popping off to the allotment to out in a few hours of sorting out.  It's taking for ever, this forking and de-weeding (including as many roots as we can find), but it will be worth it.  After lunch I spent some time out the back, potting on some fuchsias and dealing with mussy stuff generally.  I didn't, however, brave the front and I really MUST today!  Apart from the sheer mess, I have the leftover bedding flowers to put in: if I don't, they will just be wasted.

It was seven strawberries yesterday - enough for a dessert.  They will be sending out runners soon.  Normally I just chop them off but this time we want to root some and plant them down the allotment so I'm collecting little pots for all I am worth.  The Ruby Anns send out very few runners, apparently, which will make life easier but I'd like to catch them if I can as I'd like some more.  They are very decorative and I gather they are great for hanging baskets.

The washing and ironing all got done and one of the parcels that was due to get here over the weekend arrived early which I was pleased about.  They now house the fuchsias and should look really nice in a month's time.

I have two ceramic/clay pots what are really nice but guess what - one is stuck inside the other.  I will have to make an effort to get them apart and, if I can't, I may have to smash one.  I hope not though!

Today, as mentioned, is a stay at home day and I need to remain within sound of the door bell.  This parcel is a re-delivery.  Apparently, the parcel delivery company attempted to deliver it at the beginning of May, found no-one in, left a note, didn't hear from me so sent it back to the company.  Fine, except that I never received a note about it.  It was only when I emailed to politely ask when I may expect my parcel that this came out.  Anyway, it is supposed to be delivered today so fingers crossed.

My first job is another coffee so I will 'love you and leave you' as Diane says.  Have a good day


  1. I chuckled at your comment on my last post Joy. The show and tells were from things I started months ago! Definitely not in a whirlwind of activity. I too should tidy the front garden but I don't want to clear the front pots until my new rosesare here to deter the bloody cat that used them as it's toilet months back. That's my excuse! It's warm and sunny already here too. So happy to be off!

  2. That sounds a very valid reason to me! :-)
    I still feel the thrill of a half term or end of term - I think it is ingrained now and will stay with me. Such a lovely feeling!
    J x