Sunday 28 May 2017


. . . and here she is - the first strawberry.  I shall probably pick and eat her this evening, for tea.

Good morning, everyone!  More warm sun, more gentle breezes.  It's been a lovely week, weather-wise.

To be fair, it did cloud over yesterday and we had some quite heavy rain yesterday morning but that was a blessing as in the afternoon it was warm and fresh and turned into the most beautiful summer afternoon you could imagine with clouds 'lazy-pacing' (as Shakespeare wrote) across the sky.  I sat outside, in the shade of next door's beautiful birch tree and fell asleep in my garden recliner while my wind chimes sang a lullaby.

It was just beautiful.

Before then, in the morning and before the rain started, I planted out my new strawberries.  I have a strawberry planter thing that never worked all that well and was looking a bit of an eyesore.  I was going to chuck it but then had an idea.  I topped it up just a little bit, enough to stand another planter inside it.  Into that second planter went the three strawberry plants and in some of the holes down the side I planted some trailing lobelia.  When I had finished, it looks really lovely and should catch the eye nicely.

It really is a lovely flower, isn't it.

Because of the rain, we didn't go to the allotment but I am really hoping that we will go today as we have plants to pot out as well as watering and weeding.  I'm sure yesterday's rain will have encouraged the weeds!

After that, Beth's coming for lunch and I guess we will have a lazy afternoon together.

It's bath time so I will leave you and get myself ready to face the day!  Enjoy your day, whatever you are doing.


  1. I had a very similar planter which was never very successful. I like your idea and would copy it, but sadly the planter met its end one frosty winter night a few years ago.

  2. I wouldn't have been in the least bit sad if mine had, but now I am glad it didn't! :-)
    J x

  3. Enjoy that strawberry. It looks luscious.
    I once had a plum...yes, just the one. My then six year old son came in from the garden and said " Mummy, you know that plum that used to be on the tree........"
    I no longer had a plum!