Tuesday 30 May 2017


Hello, everyone.  It was nice and sunny earlier but the clouds have rolled over and now it looks a bit threatening.  Mind you, we had early rain yesterday but it cheered up and the sun came out for a while so I live in hope.

We did our stint at the allotment, three cheers, and all is looking great.  There was no need to water so we set straight to and dug more of the last patch to be cleared and prepped.  I guess today will be the same.
All the plantlets looked happy after their move the day before.
We ended up sowing a row of carrots and a row of string onions and will plant another row of each in a fortnight and maybe another a fortnight after that.  That should see us into the autumn.

Then it was home for some housework and a good snooze.  The rolls I made earlier went into the freezer, apart from the one I had with my soup for lunch.  Later on my garden lad came round and cleared the slabs of weeds so it all looks much better now.

Om Sunday it was one, Yesterday it was two, how many today?  I'm talking about strawberries, of course, and I must stop just snacking on them as they come in faster.  Nice desserts with yogurt or in my porridge is delicious and I'd like to freeze some, like last year.  None of that will happen if I eat them straight off the plant, will it?

Today I intend to go to Aldi shortly to get my weekly fruit and veg and then on to Wyvale to get some more potting compost.  At the weekend I fell for a couple of small lavaterae - mallow - a plant I have always loved.  When I say small, I mean they are not supposed to grow very big and are ideal for containers.  They were a BOGOF so I went for it and need to have the compost ready when they arrive, whenever they do arrive (supposedly the end of July so I have plenty of time to prepare!).
This is it, photo taken from the web site.

Then it's allotment followed by housework, washing, ironing and planning.  I have one tuition session tomorrow but I would like to get ahead for the next half of the term with a few lessons prepared for each student - or at least resources found/made that I can plan in.

Well, I'd better get myself ready and start working through the list.  No rain yet so fingers crossed.


  1. Snap! I've ordered the same plant. Great minds think alike!

  2. Snap!!!
    Was it from an advert in the RHS magazine?
    J x

  3. It's just started teeming down here after making threats all day. I dithered about washing and I'm glad I decided it could wait! You are making me feel tired and lazy with all your allotmenteering!

  4. I'm making me feel tired too. Bedtimes are getting earlier and I'm sleeping through too.
    We had a few drops of rain here but it came to nothing.
    J x