Friday 12 May 2017


What a change this morning  It has obviously been raining on and off overnight (it started spitting yesterday evening) and it's still raining very lightly.  BBC weather tells me that it is likely to be dull most of the day and there might be a bit more rain later.  Good for the garden and allotment!

Talking of the allotment (when do I not?), I was going down there this morning but I'll wait and see if things dry up a bit.  Fair-weather gardener?  Moi?

I had a lovely day yesterday.  The morning was spent on chores - making up the spare bed, sorting out the kitchen, sweeping floors, going shopping, etc, the afternoon was spent in school and then doing tuition and the evening was spent with friends watching on of the local operatic and drama groups at the Civic.  All most enjoyable.

After that, Jackie came back to mine as she was staying over - neither of us particularly likes driving in the dark if we don't have to - and we had a good chat.  We've sorted out some more local shows we want to go to and I will be ordering the tickets once other friends have confirmed whether they want to come or not.

And now I have three days ahead of me with hardly any commitments.  Glorious!

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