Sunday 30 April 2017


Hello again, everyone.  End of the month!  Hasn't it gone quickly?
It's looking hopeful for a reasonably pleasant day today.  Yesterday was a mixture of warm sun and cool cloudiness and today looks like being more or less the same.  No complaints here.

We had a very 'profitable' time down the allotment yesterday (by that I mean we got loads done).  We've nearly cleared one patch of weeds and will then start on the next patch.  Beth got the membrane down, pegged down and partly covered with bark.  Today we are doing the rest of the bark covering (must remember to put the wheelbarrow in the car) and then trying to move some wood stuff that's in the way.  After that I expect to do yet more weeding - getting there, slowly!

(thank you, Google Images)
Some naughty weeds had dared show their heads on the bit I have cleared but the hoe soon dealt with them (temporarily anyway).
We'll soon be thinking of sowing and planting.  Exciting.

When I got home I was so shattered that I had a nice snooze after lunch while some washing was drying.  Yes, I know I said I had done it all but I'd forgotten a little heap on the kitchen floor.

I had to laugh at myself.  At the moment I am putting the seedlings out during the day and bringing them in at night.  Last night I woke up suddenly from a sound sleep, remembering that I hadn't brought them in so at around 1:00 I was fumbling my way outside to do so.  It didn't feel at all cold but I'd have been gutted if there was a sudden frost.  Fortunately, I went back to sleep very quickly: a clear conscience is a good thing to have.

The other thing I have on the seedling table is some sprouting spuds.  Last year we didn't dig up all the potatoes so when Beth dug over the patch, loads of them were beginning to sprout.  They are now replanted but I thought I would have a go at growing a few in bags at home, just for fun and to see.  I have some very strong rubble bags so I thought I'd use them.  I won't get many spuds, I am sure but then I don't need many, living on my own, do I?
(not my photo)
Today I already have my bread dough rising and I shall get lunch prepared and some seeds planted before trundling down to - guess where - the allotment, of course.  Then Beth's coming back for lunch and I will probably fall asleep again this afternoon.  I need to get some netting and a few other bits and bobs but there is no way I am going to any of the garden centres on a bank holiday weekend.  Tuesday or Wednesday will have to do for that!  Or online shopping, of course!

Well, I'd better be up and doing.  There's a few pots soaking in the sink and the bread might need attention before I go up, bath and get ready for the day ahead.  Wishing a lovely, peaceful day to all my readers.

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