Sunday 24 May 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's a coolish, damp, gloomy morning here in (not so) Sunny Essex, with no hint of the sun whatsoever at the moment.  Yesterday was also gloomy with some rain around lunchtime and it suddenly got very humid and 'sweaty' around teatime although nothing came of it.

It was very nice being taken out for lunch yesterday.  I haven't been to Pizza Express for years so it was a real treat for me.  Thanks, Dave.  I had a chicken salad with crunchy bacon on the top followed by a honeycomb slice.  If I'd been at home I'd have been tempted to lick the plate, it was so delicious.

I did intend to meander around the shops in town but it was horrendously crowded so I decided not to bother.  Also, after yesterday's spending spree, better not really.  I looked on the fruit and veg stall in the market but there was nothing that looked particularly good value that I needed (or wanted) to get, so I didn't.  I spent some time browsing around the fabric stall and made some mental notes for the future (their plain poly cotton is particularly great value)and I bought some bias binding from the linked haberdashery stall because I want to make a thingy for lifting hot lids off pans (is it a 'pot holder', I can't remember?) without burning my hands.

Once home, I sat down and within ten minutes I was asleep.  Serves me right for waking so early!  I slept most of the afternoon and evening, on and off, and still got a great night's sleep.  Yesterday was obviously my 'catch up' day.  I always have one at the start of each break, after which I am fine!

I did start my next quilting project; another bag, smaller than the purple one, but useful (I hope).  I think quilted bags will be this year's Christmas present for my friends.  They aren't too much trouble to make and, while this current one has the same pattern as the first, the pattern is easily changed to suit the fabric.  I'll show a photo of it when I have finished it.
Talking of photos - here's the quilt (because I am sure the recipient doesn't read this blog!)
The colours haven't come out particulatly well but you get the general idea.

Better go and make breakfast.  Also, I think another coffee is definitely on the menu too.  Have a good day, everyone!


  1. The quilt looks grand what size is it?

  2. Small. It's for a new-born baby and would go in the cradle. About 70cms by 55 cms.
    It does look nice and I'm pleased with how it came out. I learnt a lot from making it too!
    J x

  3. The quilt looks lovely and will be treasured!

  4. I do hope it will suit. :-) One of these days, when the wind is in the right direction and the stars are poiting the way, I will make a bed sized one, but that seems to be a mammoth undertaking for me at the moment! I am right at the beginning of the journey!
    Thank you for your kind comments, Annabeth and Diane.