Thursday 21 May 2015

Breadline: 21-5-15

Spent so far:  £34.39
Still to spend:  £27.61
Days to go: 11

Today's menu:
Breakfast:  Beans (12p) on toast (paid), melon (paid), natural yogurt (paid)
Lunch:  hummus (30p) with carrot batons (paid), muffin (6p), fruit (paid)
Dinner:  Chick pea korma (60p), home made flatbread (flour 1p, rest paid), fruit salad (apple 11p, rest paid)

Total so far:  £1.20

I have quite a lot of fruit (apples, bananas, satsumas, melon) so I am going to make some fruit salad.  I might even splash out and add some savers pineapple.  It will keep for a few days, especially if I get out my vacupacker thingy and use that.  With yogurt on top it will make scrummy desserts and snacks and any that goes a bit squishy I can use in a smoothie.
What a treat!

I'm out at friends' homes for lunch several days next week but I have other friends coming for lunch one day so I reckon they will balance out.  I love half term!

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