Wednesday 6 May 2015


After a wild and woolly night with rain and wind that blew in the curtains, it's rather dull this morning with a breeze and some threatening clouds.  More rain would not surprise me and would be awfully good for the garden.

Yesterday was a day of ups and downs although not too many of them, thank goodness.
I woke to find my tum was definitely unsettled.  Not a nice feeling at all.  I didn't have breakfast (didn't want any) and by lunch time I was feeling better but not in any mood for much to eat.  By the end of school I was feeling fine again.

Just to cap that, I did wonder if I was going down with a touch of cystitis.  You know the feeling - no need to go into any detail.  So I've been drinking lots of water and, again, things are now feeling much better.

They say troubles come in threes.  I was in school before the children had arrived when someone from the out of school club came to ask did I know I had a flat tyre!  Well, actually, no, I didn't.  After some unprintable muttering to myself, I spoke to our very nice ground manager who said he would pump it up which should be enough to get me to the tyre place.  Down I went after school and yes, there certainly was a problem with the tyre - it had a great big bloomin nail in it, that's what!   They repaired it, checked the other tyres and charged me £8.00 which I thought very reasonable.

They also wash cars for a very reasonable change - I shall be giving them my custom in the future, I can see. and if you live locally, why not give them a go?  It's on the right as you go out on the Roxwell Road, opposite the filling station.

I think that was quite enough for one day!  I was worn out come the evening!

Today is library day, interesting day, PPA day followed by staff meeting in the evening.  Well, you can't have it all!
(and it has just started raining again!)


  1. Oh goodness! What a nuisance about the tyre! That must have been a shock. So glad the garage was able to sort it for you - they are good, aren't they, and very convenient, too.
    You must have been so tired, but hope you were able to sleep well and that your poor tummy has recovered now, too.
    Take great care!

  2. It was a right pain but all sorted now, thank goodness.
    Is that where you went?
    J x

  3. Yes, that's the one I mentioned to you, it's where we got our oil and brake fluid levels sorted, really good. :o) We didn't get the car washed there though, but they always seem very busy and I can well believe they are good. :o)

  4. Everyone speaks very highly of them. I know where I shall use from now on anyway!