Thursday 28 May 2015


Good morning, gentle readers.  It's another lovely sunny start to the day although it's chilly outside still and overnight I was glad to be snuggled under my quilt which kept me just right - warm and cosy but not hot.  It has to warm up soon - and then I will be moaning that it's too hot.

I had a great morning with a friend who came round for coffee.  We talked and talked and talked . . . and if she had been staying for lunch I reckon we'd have talked all afternoon too.  She admired the quilt and I shall make a similar one for her daughter.  I have plenty of time to make it, which is just as well.

After stumbling across an interesting blog I tried a recipe/method for making soft cheese from natural yogurt.  Very simple and straightforward and I now have a little pot of rather tasty soft cheese for tea.  I have blogged about it here.

I've also found a simple recipe for mushroom pate which I want to make for tea tonight, but I need to get some unsalted butter.  I looked in the fridge but the butter I had was dated February < blush > so that went in the bin and whatever I buy today and don't use will be frozen so as to avoid that happening again.

I've also just frozen some sliced mushrooms.  Because they were on special, I bought some and then some more and now, of course, can't see when they will be all used.  I know that they will only be OK for cooking but that's not a problem as that's how I usually use them; they will be there when I want them.

You might have gathered that I have some people round for a 'very light' tea today.  I have boiled a small ham that I got from Aldi and I shall also have the soft cheese, the mushroom pate, some lettuce and sliced tomatoes, cheese and chutney plus the biscuits and flapjacks I made yesterday.  Now I need to get the dough on for rolls.  It won't be a posh tea but it will be a tasty one!

Well, I'd better get going.  Dough doesn't make itself, although with Thermione doing all the hard work, you might think it does!
Have a super day.

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